Yankees Red Sox Series

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

Starting tonight, the Yankees will play their first series of the season against the Red Sox. The three game weekend set will be held at Fenway Park in Boston. The rivalry is back and here are some things to watch for in the upcoming series:

How Will Joba Pitch?
Joba Chamberlain is the best young arm the Yankees have and arguably the best throughout baseball. After having great success out of the bullpen in 2007, the Yankees put him in his original role throughout his minor league and college career. Joba was very good starting last season and many people do not remember that. He had a 2.60 ERA and inning for inning he was one of the best in baseball when he was healthy. However, Joba has had a sloppy start to the season with an ERA above five. It will be interesting to see how he pitches at Fenway on Friday night. If anyone remembers, he was lights out last season and shut down the Red Sox in a Friday night game at Fenway against Josh Beckett.
Joba's Great Start at Fenway:

Will A.J be the A.J we Saw in his first two Starts?
A.J Burnett has been a stopping force for the Yankees and has pitched three times, all being after a Wang loss. This time he takes the mound with the Yankees on a hot streak and we will see if he can live up to his performance so far against Josh Beckett.

Swisher Cooling Down?
After a monstrous start to the season, Nick Swisher has been average at best in his last few games since the injury to Xavier Nady. He will look to prove he is for real this weekend.

Gardner or Melky?
After a good spring training and a solid start, Brett Gardner has fallen off a little bit while Melky has played very well. Melky is getting the call once again tonight and he will start at center field after he won the game for the Yankees on Wednesday.


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