Funny Yankee Video

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

As the Yankees get ready for the first game of the ALCS tonight. Here is a funny Yankee video from about a year ago:


Bronx Informer 5-16-09 Update

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is just a short update for the Bronx Informer


Bleacher Report: Yankees Jays Series Preview

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Yankees are riding a series win going into a series of rare importance early in the season. The Yankees have been very streaky since the start of the season and their most recent streak was one for the worse. However, the Yankees managed to snatch two games in Baltimore behind the bat of Alex Rodriguez and the solid pitching by C.C Sabathia and Joba Chamberlain. With Alex Rodriguez back in the lineup, the Yankees entered a new phase of the season and under that regime, they are 2-1.

In the series opener, A.J Burnett will take the mound against his former teammate and close friend, Roy Halladay. As always, Roy Halladay has been consistent this season and has gotten six wins for the surprising Jays. On the other side of the rubber, Burnett has a 5.26 ERA entering the game and while he has looked phenomenal at times, he has struggled as of late. This should be a close match-up that will come down to which team can get to the bullpen of the opposition the earliest.

In the second game of the series at Rogers Centre, Andy Petttitte will take the mound against Scott Richmond. Pettittte has been rather consistent for the Yankees and has been the only pitcher to display that characteristic here in the early season. He will be matched-up with Scott Richmond, a rookie starter for the Jays who is 4-1 with a 3.29 ERA and has pitched well early in the season.

In the finale, we will see C.C Sabathia coming off a shutout win in Baltimore match up with Brian Tallet who has been mediocre for the Jays with a 4.95 ERA. It is crucial for Sabathia to rebound after a strong start and give the Yankees some innings in an attempt to give the worn out bullpen a bit of a rest. Sabathia has looked sharp several times this season but he finally was able to piece it together in his last outing.

This is a crucial series for the Yankees from several different perspectives. First, the Yankees would like to get over .500 and start playing some good baseball with Rodriguez back in the lineup. Second, the Yankees would like to get closer to the division leading Blue Jays and certainly not dig themselves a hole early on like they have in past seasons. Third, this is a division game for the Yankees and they have struggled with a 5-11 record within the AL East.

Going into tonight, the Yankees see three even pitching matchups with the third favoring them. If the hitting comes along and the starters give the Yankees some innings, they should be able to take a couple of games this week from the Jays.


New Mogulus Channel!

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey guys, I just launched a new mogulus channel for this blog on which I will post my videos and air some live coverage of Yankees baseball.


Selena Roberts' New Book on A-Rod

>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

What else is new? With about a week left to go before his return to the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez is back in the news. Excerpts from Selena Roberts' (The writer who released the report about the positive steroid test)have been released and Roberts has made some accusations against Rodriguez. According to the book, Alex Rodriguez started taking steroids as early as high school and did not stop when he signed with the Yankees. In the past, many have hear about A-Rod's high school years and how he bulked up to get a jacket. Alex supposedly bulked up in high school in an attempt to reach 300 pounds on the bench press. He went from around 100 pounds to 300 pound in a short period of time and to some, that seems very surreal without steroids.
Here is the ESPN article and the 1st and 10 guys debating A-Rod:


Yankees Win their Fourth in a Row

The Yankees came back last night to beat the Angels by a score of 10-9. The Yankees were up 4-0 in the 6th inning and Andy Pettitte was pitching well. However, the game turned around pretty quickly and the Angels took a 9-4 lead going into the bottom of the 8th where the Yankees scored four runs. Jorge Posada won the game in the ninth with a two run single of Brian Fuentes, the Angels replacement of Fransisco Rodriguez.
Robinson Cano continued his hot hitting and extended his hitting streak to 18 games in the win as he went 2-3. The Yankees will send C.C Sabathia to the mound today as they try to win their fourth in a row.


Yankees Get Swept

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

The Yankees have fallen back to 9-9 and are back at .500 after a terrible series. The Red Sox came back in all three games and even Andy Pettitte was not able to handle them. Jacoby Ellisbury had a shocking straight steal of home, the second off Andy Pettitte in as many years. The Yankees will turn to C.C Sabathia tonight in an attempt to end this losing streak. I will come back with more later.


Reaction to Game 2

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is a video I made last night reacting to the game. The Yankees lost 16-11 and are back to 9-8. The Yankees called up Angel Berroa and Mark Melancon to fill in for Bruney and Berroa.


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