Selena Roberts' New Book on A-Rod

>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

What else is new? With about a week left to go before his return to the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez is back in the news. Excerpts from Selena Roberts' (The writer who released the report about the positive steroid test)have been released and Roberts has made some accusations against Rodriguez. According to the book, Alex Rodriguez started taking steroids as early as high school and did not stop when he signed with the Yankees. In the past, many have hear about A-Rod's high school years and how he bulked up to get a jacket. Alex supposedly bulked up in high school in an attempt to reach 300 pounds on the bench press. He went from around 100 pounds to 300 pound in a short period of time and to some, that seems very surreal without steroids.
Here is the ESPN article and the 1st and 10 guys debating A-Rod:


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